Pearl 2: Part One

Part One of our Review of Pearl2 from Kiiroo.

When you are given the opportunity to review a toy that offers as much as this week’s toy, you have to approach testing and writing the review a little differently. Some toys are basic-they vibe and hopefully enjoy a much deserved orgasm. Pearl 2 from Kiiroo is not that kind of toy. It vibes and yes it definitely got me off but it offers so much more than just the routine I’ve grown used to.

With this first part of the review I’ll approach Pearl 2 as if it were just a normal vibe. I’ll give you the run down as I typically do but then when it comes time to share my experiences I’ll only share one. There are so many other ways to enjoy this toy that it truly needs a second part to finish describing how fun and unique our experience with Pearl 2 was.

Pearl2 is a G Spot vibrator from the leader in interactive toys, Kiiroo. This toy has seven different modes that are similar to what you’ll see in most vibrators. Its soft body safe silicone felt fantastic on my body and it was incredibly easy to clean with our favorite toy cleaner. Right out of the box you will need to charge Pearl2, and it requires two hours. When we received our items from Kiiroo we were able to leave them charge while at work so this long charge time wasn’t an issue. A small light on the base of the toy tells you whether the toy is charging, fully charged or in need of a charge. There are also lights that indicate that the toy is in bluetooth mode, Touch Sensitive mode or if the toy is updating. We’ll touch more on that in part two of our review. Included with Pearl 2 you’ll receive a USB charging cable.

Her/Our Experiences…

Pearl2 and his toy arrived right around the same time as my period so I was a little limited with how I would be able to test my new toy. I’ve explained in the past that while on my period I still masturbate and we do masturbate together but I prefer external stimulation and try my best to avoid G Spot play. Pearl2 made for a fantastic shower companion and we brought her along for some fun on our first opportunity to test. One feature that I really appreciate about Pearl2 is that there is no confusion with multiple, poorly-spaced buttons. There are no oopsie moments because there is only one button to press. One button brings the toy to life and cycles through her features. When you find something you like, there you are. Its really simple and after having played with many toys its nice to see such simplicity. The first vibration setting, and its lightest, was great for starters. With him kissing my neck and grabbing at my ass I found myself warming up quickly and jumped to the second setting. This second setting really was nice and I think is meant for prolonged play. In this setting we were both able to hold the toy, play with each other, I was even able to go down on him while holding the vibe in place. The body safe silicone was really easy to hold in place while I was performing other acts. After some fun playtime I told him that I really wanted to cum and powered up to the highest setting and was brought to a very nice orgasm. After catching my breath I helped him to orgasm and used Pearl2 on his perineum while giving him a blow job. At its lowest setting he said that it felt fantastic-anything beyond that was just too powerful for him.

Pearl2 definitely got more time with me in the shower that week and beyond. I really like a steady vibe in the shower that is easy to hold and that can ease me into my masturbating routine. As a clit vibe, Pearl2 was incredible but I was so curious about it as a G Spot vibe. What sets Pearl2 apart from other G Spot vibes that I own is that my partner has greater control over my experience. It can also be linked up via an app to videos so I can feel what I see. All of that though will have to wait for part two of our review…

Her Conclusion…

If I were to rate and review Pearl2 as purely an external vibe then it would receive a high recommendation. It hums along very nicely, its touch is soft and as I said it provided some terrific orgasms. This toy is incredibly easy to use and clean. Rating it just as an external vibe, I’d say its one to own.

The fun of the toy, what is hiding behind its simple appearance is the best part of all and what we’ll talk about in the second part of our review. If I were to write just one review I fear it would need to be release as a novel. Using it with him remotely, was such a fun experience. Using it while watching porn in our room together was another fun experience. Part two of our review will speak to those experiences and the different ways Pearl2 can be used.

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