The Mimic+Plus

I’m almost certain that there comes a time when all sex bloggers and sex toy reviewers feel like they’ve seen just about every type of sex toy. There are bullets and rabbits, thrusters and dildos. Toys for your clit and toys for your G-Spot. The toys that have multiple purposes make us smile brightest! After having grown our collection from a handful of toys to around fifty, we felt like we were starting to see a trend. That is until we spotted an offering from Clandestine Devices that truly grabbed both of our attention.

The Mimic+Plus from Clandestine Devices is the most unique toy either of us have ever laid eyes on. I thought it looked like a stingray, it reminded him of an ergonomic mouse. No matter what it looks like it stands out among all other toys in my collection in the very best way possible. Made of body safe silicone, this oddly shaped wonder is 100% waterproof so it makes the perfect shower or bath companion. The velvety touch surface of the toy is an absolute pleasure to hold while massaging any of your parts. The Mimic+Plus sports 8 different vibration patterns that come in six different intensities. Included with the toy you’ll receive a carrying bag and USB cable for recharging. What I truly love is that it features a travel lock to avoid any unwanted buzzing while traveling. While the toy didn’t come charged, it took only 120 minutes of charge time and it was ready to go. I still have yet to re-charge the toy after at least five uses!

Her Experiences

This toy came just as I’d gotten my period so I was both a little disappointed and geeked out. I’m not big on period sex, so that also means I’m not one for using any toys that require insertion. The Mimic+Plus might just be the perfect toy for that time of the month. We woke up early one Saturday morning, locked the door and hopped into the shower to give the Mimic+Plus some attention. I will say that I was pleasantly surprised at how powerful this toy was. It really starts off at a powerful setting but it can be turned down so that is a plus. The on and off buttons were very easy to use while in the shower and the noise level was almost undetectable. The overall shape of the toy did require me to take a wider stance while I was standing in the shower. Luckily he was there with me so I was able to lean on him for the majority of the time the Mimic+Plus was in use. He appreciated my leaning on him as it allowed me to take him in my mouth while I played with myself. Due to the wide surface of the Mimic+Plus, you can move the toy to different positions so as not to cum too quickly. I found myself backing down on a few occasions and the wide surface of the toy allows you to do that. After finishing him off I leaned in to him and had a fabulous orgasm.

After a few more solo shower sessions I decided to try the Mimic+Plus during sex. As I said earlier I found that using the toy in the shower requires me to take a wider stance so using the Mimic+Plus in bed had me very excited. I initially had planned to use the Mimic during foreplay but with his urging continued using it while he was inside me. Whether we were spooning or in doggy, the build of the Mimic+Plus made it terrific for using during sex. I even placed it on his perineum for an added punch that he really enjoyed. With him behind me and the Mimic in place on my clit we both came at the same time.

Her Conclusion

After testing so many similar toys it was a breath of fresh air to use the Mimic+Plus. I loved it alone, in the shower and especially with him. While it is priced at $135 USD, the Mimic+Plus is worth every penny. It’s been a pleasure to own and I look forward to seeing what Clandestine Devices will bring in the future.

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